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Looking through the information on the Web you can often come across the opinion that working on a yacht is a kind of “jail on water”. While other people say on the contrary that this is a great opportunity to earn money traveling around the world. So where is the truth?
The influence of residence country on the seaman’s wage level. Benchmarking analysis from Drewry Shipping.
The independent maritime consulting centre Drewry Shipping determined a standard wage rate for each country that traditionally "supplies" the world’s merchant fleet market with the largest number of seamen

Almar Shipping Corp

АE 272413
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Государственный центр занятости
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Address:Solnechnaya street, 5. Bussiness Centre
Phone number:+38 (048) 235-80-00
+38 (067) 518-32-30

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Looking for:

1) Ranks and officers in Russian-speaking crews on Ro-Ro vessels.
2) Officers on passengers in mixed crews.
3) Officers and ranks on tankers in mixed crews.
4) Officers on small bulk carriers in mixed crews.

Good English, valid visas and Dutch documents are an advantage in finding employment.

New vacancies

Position Fleet Vessel type Salary Joining dateи Vacancy posted
Motorman 2nd classFishing fleetLarge Freezer Trawler500+ $18.06.2007.06.20
LaundryFishing fleetLarge Freezer Trawler900-1500 $18.06.2007.06.20
OilerMerchant fleetBulk Carrier1200 $14.06.2006.06.20
Ordinary SeamanMerchant fleetBulk Carrier900 $12.06.2006.06.20
Mess BoyMerchant fleetBulk Carrier1000 $12.06.2006.06.20
OilerMerchant fleetBulk Carrier1100 $12.06.2006.06.20
Able SeamanMerchant fleetBulk Carrier1100 $12.06.2006.06.20
CookMerchant fleetBulk Carrier1750 $10.06.2006.06.20
CookMerchant fleetBulk Carrier1500 $08.06.2006.06.20
CookMerchant fleetBulk Carrier1650 $09.06.2006.06.20
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