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The influence of residence country on the seaman’s wage level. Benchmarking analysis from Drewry Shipping.
The independent maritime consulting centre Drewry Shipping determined a standard wage rate for each country that traditionally "supplies" the world’s merchant fleet market with the largest number of seamen

Urgent CVs

Full Name Age Position Readiness USA
English Min
Oleksandr *****37MasterSDPO18.01.2020noyesexcellent12000 $
Mandryk *****312nd OfficerChief Officer01.02.2020yesnogood3700 $
Dmytro *****352nd Engineer15.01.2020yesnogood1 $
Oleksandr *****56Master20.01.2020nonogood9000 $
Oleksandr *****472nd EngineerChief Engineer16.01.2020yesnogood7000 $
Oleksandr *****33Chief Officer18.01.2020nonogood5000 $
Dmytro *****283rd Officer2nd Officer15.01.2020yesyesgood2000 $
Borys *****28Electrical EngineerETO25.02.2019nonoexcellent6300 $
Stanislav *****31Chief Officer15.01.2020yesnoexcellent7300 $
Mykhaylo *****342nd Engineer20.01.2020yesnogood7000 $
Abdurakhman *****44Chief Officer2nd Officer15.01.2020nonogood2500 $
Ievgen *****42OS-CookSteward15.01.2020yesnomoderate1250 $
Anton *****35Motorman 1st classMotorman 2nd class15.01.2020nonoexcellent1300 $
Oleksandr *****46Chief Officer15.02.2020yesnogood7000 $
Sergii *****302nd Engineer16.01.2020nonogood8000 $
Roman *****26Chief Officer01.01.2020noyesexcellent5500 $
Maksym *****244th Engineer3rd Engineer01.02.2020nonoexcellent2000 $
Dmytro *****263rd Officer2nd Officer20.01.2020yesnomoderate3000 $
Yegor *****36Chief Officer20.01.2020yesnogood7000 $
Andrii *****314th EngineerFitter15.01.2020yesnogood2500 $
Oleksandr *****59Chief Engineer08.01.2020yesnomoderate8500 $
Denys *****283rd Engineer4th Engineer01.03.2020nonomoderate2800 $
Roman *****31Electrical EngineerETO27.01.2020nonoexcellent5700 $
Gazinur *****532nd Engineer3rd Engineer20.01.2020nonomoderate5000 $

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Seafarers' CV

Total found 49747 CV:
Full Name Age Position Readiness USA
English Min
Roman *****n/aMotorman 1st classOiler21.01.2020nonogood1300 $
Stanislav *****223rd OfficerJunior Officer01.02.2020nonomoderate1500 $
Mykola *****44PainterSandblaster10.02.2020nonomoderate1500 $
Ihor *****n/aElectricianElectric Cadet30.01.2020nonomoderate1200 $
Hryhorii *****25Motorman 2nd class21.01.2020nonopoor700 $
Hennadii *****58ElectricianElectrical Engineer25.01.2020nonogood4300 $
Artur *****18Deck Cadet03.02.2020nonomoderate450 $
Grygoriy *****342nd OfficerChief Officer21.01.2020nonogood3000 $
Oleksandr *****313rd Engineer4th Engineer21.01.2020nonogood2500 $
Evgenii *****402nd Engineer21.01.2020yesyesgood10200 $
Maksym *****33Motorman 1st class4th Engineer21.01.2020yesyesmoderate2000 $
Volodymyr *****362nd Engineer05.04.2020yesnogood7300 $
Sergii *****353rd Engineer4th Engineer28.02.2020nonomoderate3300 $
Kostiantyn *****273rd Engineer4th Engineer23.01.2020nonogood1500 $
Kostiantyn *****51Master22.01.2020noyesgood5000 $
Konstantyn *****39WelderOS-Welder20.01.2020nonomoderate900 $
Oleksandr *****26Electrical EngineerETO01.05.2020nonogood6000 $
Ivan *****293rd OfficerJunior Officer20.01.2020yesyesexcellent1 $
Viktor *****23OilerMotorman 1st class02.03.2020nonogood1400 $
Igor *****263rd Officer2nd Officer15.02.2020yesnoexcellent3200 $
Mykola *****21Ordinary SeamanOS-Welder20.01.2020nonomoderate900 $
Sergii *****312nd Officer3rd Officer31.01.2020nonogood4000 $
Dmytro *****263rd Officer20.01.2020yesyesgood3000 $
Viktor *****31ETOElectrician20.01.2020nonogood5500 $
Yuriy *****27Motorman 1st classOiler31.01.2020nonogood1500 $
Igor *****47Chief Officer2nd Officer21.01.2020noyesmoderate2500 $
Roman *****36ElectricianElectrical Engineer09.05.2020nononon-specified5000 $
Volodymyr *****32Able SeamanOrdinary Seaman21.01.2020yesnogood1500 $
Dmytriy *****39Able SeamanOrdinary Seaman21.01.2020nonomoderate1200 $
Andrii *****254th Engineer3rd Engineer25.01.2020nonogood1000 $
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