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The influence of residence country on the seaman’s wage level. Benchmarking analysis from Drewry Shipping.
The independent maritime consulting centre Drewry Shipping determined a standard wage rate for each country that traditionally "supplies" the world’s merchant fleet market with the largest number of seamen

Vacancies for seafarers

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Total found 658 vacancies:
Position Fleet Vessel type Salary Joining date Vacancy
2nd EngineerMerchant fleetHeavy Lift Vessel6000 $25.01.2020.01.20
4th EngineerTanker fleetLPG Tanker350231.01.2020.01.20
3rd OfficerTanker fleetLPG Tanker350231.01.2020.01.20
Chief OfficerTanker fleetLPG Tanker991231.01.2020.01.20
Chief EngineerTanker fleetLPG Tanker1110731.01.2020.01.20
3rd EngineerMerchant fleetContainer1600-1800 $24.01.2020.01.20
Fitter-WelderTanker fleetCrude Oil Tanker2014 $22.01.2020.01.20
Ordinary SeamanMerchant fleetBulk Carrier850 $29.02.2020.01.20
Chief OfficerMerchant fleetGeneral Cargo2300 $25.01.2020.01.20
ElectricianMerchant fleetContainer2266 $11.02.2020.01.20
Chief EngineerMerchant fleetBulk Carrier1 $30.01.2020.01.20
ETOMerchant fleetBulk Carrier4500 $01.02.2020.01.20
BoatswainMerchant fleetGeneral Cargo1800 $27.01.2020.01.20
WiperMerchant fleetRo-Ro1100 $26.01.2020.01.20
MasterOffshore fleetAnchor Handling Tug280-30005.02.2020.01.20
3rd EngineerMerchant fleetContainer3100 $24.01.2020.01.20
WelderMerchant fleetContainer1528 $03.02.2020.01.20
2nd EngineerMerchant fleetGeneral Cargo2700-3000 $27.01.2020.01.20
ElectricianOffshore fleetPollution Control Vessel4500 $31.01.2020.01.20
ETOOffshore fleetPollution Control Vessel6500 $31.01.2020.01.20
2nd EngineerOffshore fleetPollution Control Vessel6000-6500 $31.01.2020.01.20
Chief OfficerOffshore fleetPollution Control Vessel6000-6500 $31.01.2020.01.20
Chief EngineerOffshore fleetPollution Control Vessel7000-8000 $31.01.2020.01.20
MasterOffshore fleetPollution Control Vessel7000-8000 $31.01.2020.01.20
FitterMerchant fleetBulk Carrier1600-1700 $15.03.2020.01.20
Chief CookMerchant fleetBulk Carrier1800 $15.03.2020.01.20
2nd EngineerTanker fleetBunkering Vessel1000 $01.02.2020.01.20
2nd EngineerMerchant fleetContainer6900 $15.02.2020.01.20
Ordinary SeamanMerchant fleetGeneral Cargo1100 $28.01.2020.01.20
Deck CadetMerchant fleetGeneral Cargo420 $30.01.2020.01.20
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