Саф Крю Марин Одесса, Украина, вакансии.


Морская медкомиссия в Грузии без очереди. Специальные условия для моряков из Украины, РФ и Беларуси.
25 лет опыта, сертификаты P&I Club, вакцинация против желтой лихорадки, спец предложения для моряков из других стран:трансфер, поиск жилья, скидки на сертификаты в партнёрских учебных центрах, содействие в трудоустройстве через грузинские крюинговые компании.

Саф Крю Марин

Саф Крю Марин

Кем выдана:
Міністерство Соціальної Політики України
Дата выдачи:

Адрес:Люстдорфская дорога 55/2, оф. 122
Телефон:+38 (048) 700-54-97
+38 (063) 119-76-95
Анкета для скачивания:
Чтобы встать на учет скачайте анкету, заполните её и отправьте на е-мейл компании.
Для того, чтобы скачать анкету, необходимо авторизоваться.

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Информация об агентстве:

SAF CREW MARINE is a fast growing crewing company located in Odessa, Ukraine. Our Company is fully licensed in accordance with the requirements of Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine.
We are able to provide fast and excellent recruitment service to all Maritime companies within the Oil and Gas industries, with well-experienced and competent seamen for all types of vessels: Bulkers, Containers, Multi-Purposes, Reefers, Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers, LPG, LNG etc.
Today we have a list of over 50 000 crewmembers in our database, which we have collected through the years. They are highly qualified seafarers who is in full accordance with STCW ’95 and completely complying with all IMO/ISPC/ISM rules and regulations.
SAF CREW MARINE is pleased to be at your complete service at all time in order to provide you our exceptional services and to fulfil with promptness& efficiency. We look forward to see in our office Ukrainian seafarers of all ranks or to send their application via e-mail to our company for consideration: info@safcrewmarine.com

SAF CREW MARINE carrying about our people which we work with. We provide the Shipowners with good candidates in a very short time. We can prepare all pre - embarkation document procedures very fast and effective.

- To keep our Clients always satisfied by providing them with the Highest Service Quality, Safety and Efficient Recruitment management in accordance with their expectations.
- We aim to provide a quality search and selection of officers and ratings for a wide range of Clients.
- Our approach is to recruit seafarers& contractors with a deep understanding of the international maritime industry who can meet the requirements of our clients.

Our team at SAF CREW MARINE is highly qualified, skilled and experienced in the sea personnel management and maritime industry. We will endeavour to consistently meet and exceed your expectations.

Кто работал от компании Саф Крю Марин?

ФИО Возраст Должность
Sergii *****392nd Officer3rd OfficerСвязаться с моряком
Aleksandr *****47Chief OfficerСвязаться с моряком
Oleksandr *****33Ordinary SeamanСвязаться с моряком
Igor *****623rd EngineerСвязаться с моряком