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Данные, подбор и отправка в рейс моряков – теперь для крюингов в одном сервисе
Новое web-приложение для крюингов! Разработчики предлагают сервис, который позволяет управлять и контролировать экипажи судов, составлять графики, планировать выход и загрузку, а также доступ ко всем ключевым данным и отчётам как на борту, так и на берегу.  
Как получить кредиты морякам под уход в рейс: анализ банков Украины
Кредитно-финансовый рынок Украины пока еще не может похвастаться изобилием кредитных предложений для моряков, если речь заходит о выдаче займа непосредственно под уход в рейс. Какие же существуют основные нюансы и подводные камни, которые стоит учитывать моряку при оформлении кредита? 

Гринвич-ХХI Лтд

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Адрес:38 Zubalashvili str
Телефон:+995 (558) 165-050

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Информация об агентстве:

I am Capt. Sergo Devadze and I represent Greenwich-Xxi Ltd, a crewing
agency from Georgia. Greenwich-Xxi Ltd is one of the leading manning
agencies in Georgia, with a vast database of Georgian, Ukrainian and
Russian seamen. We started as a crewing company that was dedicating all of
its affords and time managing vessels of Greek Ship Management Company
Frioventures S.A. As time goes by we learned more, getting better
expertise and experience.
Within couple of years we had capacity that could be devoted in other
directions as well, meaning expanding our services to other companies.
Now we work with companies Like SEASHORE MARITIME, BNAVI, OCEAN
Our database contains specialists with proven sea-service at all kind type
of vessels and of different DWTs. We can assure that our candidate will
speak English, have good professional competence and be ready to comply
with your company policy instructions. We treat every customer
individually, and our services are tailored made to our principals’ needs
and requirements. It may include simply providing a seaman or may come up
to the full manning of vessel. We have strong relationship with several
Maritime training centers which
provide us with good and qualified specialists. We closely cooperate with
Maritime Medical Center that gives us guarantee of medical serviceable of
our seaman. Furthermore all our senior officers, deck officers, engine
officers are licensed and certified in compliance with the requirements of
the stcw-95 and ism code and are trained at all required special training
courses. So please be confident that we take our job seriously and are
ready to prove it to you.
Web-site of our company is: http://greenwichxxi.com where you can find
overall useful information about us. Even though we are glad to hear any
additional questions of your interest, and will be glad to give the best
answers to them.