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Safonov Dmitrii

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Тел. +38 089 420-10-32, +7 978 555-65-63

Position applied for: 3rd Officer
Additional position applied for: Radio Officer
Date of birth:13.07.1988 (age: 29)
Residence permit in Ukraine:No
Country of residence:Russia
City of residence:Murmansk
U.S. visa:No
E.U. visa:Yes. Expiration date 16.09.2018
Ukrainian biometric
international passport:
Date available from:26.11.2017
English knowledge:Good
Minimum salary:2000 $ per month

General details:

DocumentNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
Civil passport4708170281Murmansk00.00.0000
Seaman’s passport0270785Murmansk26.03.2020
Tourist passport723724433Murmansk22.03.2023


TypeNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
GMDSS Operator0001495Murmansk20.02.2020
Basic Safety Training: 0114886Makarov Training Centre Murmansk04.02.2020
Advanced Fire Fighting: 0023983Makarov Training Centre Murmansk29.01.2020
Medical First aid: r0114929Makarov Training Centre Murmansk26.01.2020
Proficiency in Survival craft: 0027383Makarov Training Centre Murmansk20.01.2020
Security training for seafarers with designated security duties:0027561Makarov Training Centre Murmansk10.02.2020
Radar/ARPA0767674Murmansk State Technical University06.06.2022
Electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS):0768058Murmansk State Technical University17.06.2022
Tanker familiarization: 0638426Murmansk State Technical University28.07.2022
Cmk tank familiarization:0638426Murmansk State Technical University28.07.2022
Officer a navigational watchNVS201223528Novorossiysk20.01.2020
Medical fitness certificate:No numberMurmansk15.09.2018
Alco-drug certificate:7134Murmansk11.09.2018
Yellow fever:No numberMurmansk26.11.2025


PositionFrom / ToVessel nameVessel typeDWTMEBHPFlagShipownerCrewing
Radio Officer 19.11.2016
- 19.12.2016
SleipnerSupply VesselSaint VincentJSC «MAGE»
Radio Officer 27.07.2016
- 10.11.2016
Geolog D.NalivkinResearch vessel RussiaJSC «MAGE»
Radio Officer 28.12.2015
- 23.03.2016
SleipnerSupply VesselSaint VincentJSC «MAGE»
Radio Officer 15.05.2015
- 23.09.2015
N.TrubyatchinskyResearch vesselPanamaJSC «MAGE»

Documents and further information:

Cover Letter

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Dmitry Safonov. I was born in 1988 in the city of Gadzhievo, Murmansk region. I finished school in 2006. Since I lived and studied in the port city, the choice was obvious, that my life will be connected with the sea.
In 2006 I entered the Murmansk Marine College named after I. I. Mesyatsev for the Faculty: Operation and Navigation of Ship Radio Equipment.
In 2008, the first in my life I have got to the practice. It was the Technical tanker Amur Project 11510 - a series of special maritime transports for technological maintenance of ships and vessels with nuclear power plants, with transportation and processing of radioactive waters, and solid radioactive waste. There for the first time I have really learned what the sea is. Even then I realized that I still have a lot to learn. Since I showed myself in the best way during the practice, in 2009 I graduated from the Maritime College and joined the Amur as a sailor. I began to enjoy all the delights of the sailor's life. I learned how to merry the ends, prepare the superstructure and the deck for painting, how to clean the ship from snow, climb the masts, keep the watch. For the first time in my life I took part in the MOB rescue operation.
In 2014 I joined the dry cargo vessel “Yauza", as the 2nd radio operator. It was connected with the desire for something bigger. I always knew that I wanted to become an officer. Here I began to comprehend the basics of the navigational service and new duties as a radio operator. Most of all it was nice that the ship crew valued me primarily as a specialist, as the dry cargo ship was completely modernized and they had little experience with new navigation equipment.
But I still realized that this was not what I needed. Because the ship was support vessel under military units and it wasn’t conventional. And I always wanted to work on big ships that run all over the world's oceans. And then I started strive to implement my plans.
In 2015, I have got to the offshore fleet in the “Marine Arctic Geological Exploration Expedition” as a Radio officer. Here everything started.
Here I became an officer, knowing the specifics of work in the world ocean. While working for this company, I realized for myself that I was right when I connected my life with the sea.
My first contract was a real achievement for me. We worked in Ireland; the customer of the project was a foreign company. For me it was the first and the most precious experience in my life working with foreigners on board. Here I learned to do the chart and navigation aids correction under the supervision of the 2nd Officer, and to keep up a log of navigational warnings. I have got the precious experience as a Radio officer. I filed a radar log book, GMDSS radio log. I conducted daily, weekly, monthly checks of radio equipment. There was a time when the radar broke down in the sea, and it's not convenient to work with one radar. I effortlessly made repairs. An indelible impression on me was made by the Master, who constantly improved his knowledge. I realized that I want to further in order to develop in the marine sphere. And it was decided that after the termination of the contract I will master the profession of a navigator. And in 2015 I went to study as the navigator.
In a couple of months after returning from the contract, I had a phone call. That was a call from the company; we had to fly to Latvia to take over the ship. It was very cool that I had a chance to take part in it. There were 6 persons the joined the ship (master, chief engineer, electrician, boatswain and me). Upon the arrival to the ship it was found out that the master will be the only navigator onboard (for reasons unknown to me, the company was not in a hurry to send a chief mate and second officer). In the end, I had an amazing opportunity to study the ship thoroughly. I learned how to work with certificates, got acquainted with such documents as ship security plan, certificates for all navigation equipment and engine room. I provided full work with the ship's agent, ordered supplies and food, discussed the prices with suppliers. I took part in the davits survey and the boat check. I gave the rescue equipment, fire extinguishers, fireman's equipment, storm-ladders, as well as life rafts for the check.
Regarding the radio part, I checked all radio equipment, after that the service was called to prolong the service terms of the emergency radio equipment.
The next was the presentation of the vessel to the DNV GL and PSC inspector on the Paris memorandum.
By the beginning of the inspection, I have prepared the charts, corrected charts and sailing directions, the new ITU disks (the limitation period expired)
By the arrival of the inspection the company sent on board the Chief Officer.
It was interesting that DNV GL inspector asked most of my questions from me and received corresponding answers on them.
During the check, the inspector asked me to test the SSAS system. So I learned how to do the Ship Security Alert System test.
During the preparation of the vessel for inspection, I studied the ISM Code, the company's SMS, SOLAS, MARPOL.
Based on the reading, I expanded my horizons and gained new knowledge, which very useful.
The vessel was presented without any difficulties.
Further, the company sent me to open the Northern part of globe. And if to be more precise, it was in the Kara Sea. During the work on this contract, I shared with the Second Officer, the experience gained. For me it was a revelation that I can teach certain things to the Second Officer that were the part of his duties. A great experience for me was the staging of the ship on guess-rope, in which I took part.
Also, during my contract, training drills were made, in which I taught the crew how in a critical situation to give an SOS signal and use emergency radio equipment.
I always took part in audits of the project conducted by the customer.
After the termination of the contract, I finished my studies and received a diploma of a Watch Officer. I constantly improve my knowledge and level of preparation.
 I am a calm and balanced person and I solve any misunderstandings in a calm form.
 I am always open and ready for new discoveries for myself. I easily adapt in any environment, I respect all races, nationalities and religions.
 I always learn something new and am ready to share my knowledge and experience.
 I am communicative, responsible, easily trained. I can easily master new techniques.

If you are interested in my candidacy, you can contact me at any time: