Элит Си Эдженси Батуми, Грузия, вакансии.


Морская медкомиссия в Грузии без очереди. Специальные условия для моряков из Украины, РФ и Беларуси.
25 лет опыта, сертификаты P&I Club, вакцинация против желтой лихорадки, спец предложения для моряков из других стран:трансфер, поиск жилья, скидки на сертификаты в партнёрских учебных центрах, содействие в трудоустройстве через грузинские крюинговые компании.
Кадетам. Подготовка к собеседованию на английском.

Требования по разговорному языку к кадету, как правило, гораздо выше, чем, например, к матросу или мотористу. При том, что вы имеете такой же рабочий документ и зарплата у них повыше. Но компания рассматривает кадетов, как потенциальный комсостав для своих судов.

Элит Си Эдженси

Элит Си Эдженси

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Телефон:+995 (555) 548-077

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Dear Sir/Madame,
Good day.
I would like to introduce our company ESA (Elite Sea Agency).
Elite Sea Agency registered in Batumi, Georgia and has all necessary state-licensed to carry out activities related to employment of citizens of Georgia abroad. Our all Seamen are passing medical certification only in high leveled local Medical center, which is insured by P&I club. All necessary sea certificates are issued by certificated training center. We able to fully complete our seamen by proper correct overalls, safety shoes and warm clothes. Our agency has direct contracts with all three above mentioned organizations.
Our company is independent company with more than 15 years of experience in marine industry and recruitment of seamen. ESA staff consists of high-qualified manager with good knowledge of English, Russian and Georgian language, all necessary computer programs and working experience in the crewing and maritime business.
Our company cooperates with shipping companies that own different types of vessels such as: Bulker, tanker, tugboats, as well as general cargo and container carriers by providing them with worthy candidates. We have database of thousands of qualified Georgian seafarers of all ranks.
We provide qualified, certified and medically fit seafarers in accordance with National and International rules and regulations. Thorough selection such as conformity of professional knowledge, English level and marine experience is carrying out by our Chief Engineer and Captain.
We are providing following services:
• Crew recruitment (including interviewing, experience verification etc.)
• Assistance with visas
• Assistance with national and flag’s-based documents for seafarers
• Assistance with medical (national and flag’s based) examination for seafarers
• Complete seamen with overalls and safety shoes (in case it requested by Owner)
• Monitoring and assisting during traveling from the airport to vessel for each of our crew members
• Any other questions on request
Our company owns personal office, which is located in the new business center of our city, opposite the boulevard embarkment.
The strict adherence to International Quality Standards and full compliance with IMO, STCW, SOLAS, MARPOL, ISM, ISO 9001:2008 and latest MLC 2006 requirements are our successful tools to satisfy our Clients demands.
Elite Sea Agency is certified and holding all necessary MLC certification from BV.
The main idea for us is providing professional seagoing personnel at all ranks, and development of mutually beneficial long-terms between employers and employees through providing top-level crewing and recruiting services for our partners and perfect opportunities for our self-developed clients.