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The influence of residence country on the seaman’s wage level. Benchmarking analysis from Drewry Shipping.
The independent maritime consulting centre Drewry Shipping determined a standard wage rate for each country that traditionally "supplies" the world’s merchant fleet market with the largest number of seamen

MARKET INVESTIGATION - comparison of seafarers wages


MARKET INVESTIGATION is a useful analytical tool that helps to investigate the market condition for ups and downs in seafarers’ pay rates within different periods of time.
This tool enables you to track the cyclical phases of salaries paid by various companies over several months and even several years.

How it works?

Starting from December 2009 crewing companies post entries with available vacancies, ship description and pay rates at We have been keeping all the data and now we are ready to share it with you.
You can get the general information or sampled data by specifying required parameters. The information is shown depending on:

Practical effect of the MARKET INVESTIGATION tool:

1. Diring negotiations with new shipowners, our MARKET INVESTIGATION tool lets you stay informed and easily navigate among the pay rates in the marine market by using the reliable figures. Forewarned is forearmed!

2. When collaborating with long-standing shipowners, employ MARKET INVESTIGATION tool as a lever that might explain and give reasons for your suggestions about pay increase or relaxation in the requirements applied to the seafarers. Back up your words with the statistical evidence available for you at our website.

3. Turn the general information that this tool gives you to useful account and see what weight you have at the market of seafarers pay rates.

The database with the information that we have been accumulating starting from 2009 is now open for you.
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