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The influence of residence country on the seaman’s wage level. Benchmarking analysis from Drewry Shipping.The independent maritime consulting centre Drewry Shipping determined a standard wage rate for each country that traditionally "supplies" the world’s merchant fleet market with the largest number of seamen
“PAID LEAVE” OR “JAIL ON WATER”?Looking through the information on the Web you can often come across the opinion that working on a yacht is a kind of “jail on water”. While other people say on the contrary that this is a great opportunity to earn money traveling around the world. So where is the truth?
Sports inside the cabin. Burning fat & building muscles: Is it real?Indeed. Do not despair if there is no gym aboard. Personal trainer Evgeniy Oleynik @strajjekson recommends a series of simple exercises to reduce fat efficiently retaining muscles, energy and joint health.
Phychologist gives recommendations how to avoid conflicts on boardIt’s not the weather only that provokes thunder and lightning on board. In conditions of isolation and hard work both sailors and Masters can get emotional. Crewing Guide had a conversation with psychologist, gestalt therapist, family therapist, sexologist, host of the YouTube channel Larisa B
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