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Unpretentious dual fuel engine. Eco-friendly progress is real.
According to Rob Jackson, professor of Stanford University, in 2020 carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 5%.  The main “pollutants” are diesel engines and boiler plants of sea-going ships. People cannot refuse to move forward, but the opportunity to reduce the level of their influence on the environment is still there.

Danaos Corporation acquires 6 wide Eco-Design Container ships
Danaos Corporation has signed an agreement to purchase six container ships with a capacity of 5,466 TEU each, with upgraded loading and fuel consumption system, built at the Hanjin Subic Bay shipyard. How to get a job in a modern fleet?

Vacancies for seafarers

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Total found 2034 vacancies:
Position Vessel type Voyage duration Salary Joining date Vacancy
2nd OfficerContainer6+-1 monthsfrom 3800 $28.10.2114.09.21
3rd OfficerContainer6+-1 monthsfrom 2600 $28.10.2114.09.21
Chief EngineerContainer4+-1 monthsfrom 9500 $28.10.2114.09.21
2nd EngineerContainer4+-1 monthsfrom 7000 $28.10.2114.09.21
3rd EngineerContainer6+-1 monthsfrom 3800 $28.10.2114.09.21
4th EngineerContainer6+-1 monthsfrom 2600 $28.10.2114.09.21
Chief EngineerBulk Carrier4 months8750-9275 $28.10.2114.09.21
MasterUtility Boat3 monthsfrom 370 $28.10.2120.09.21
2nd OfficerPSV – Platform Supply/Support Vessel3 monthsfrom 250 $28.10.2120.09.21
Ass. CookGeneral Cargo4 months1450-1500 $28.10.2122.09.21
2nd EngineerContainer4 monthsfrom 7261 $28.10.2127.09.21
MasterBulk Carrier4 months10000-11000 $28.10.2127.09.21
2nd EngineerContainer4 months6100-650028.10.2128.09.21
2nd EngineerContainer4 monthsfrom 7261 $28.10.2129.09.21
2nd EngineerContainer4 monthsfrom 7800 $28.10.2104.10.21
3rd EngineerContainer4 monthsto 5000 $28.10.2104.10.21
Able SeamanBulk Carrier6 months1350-1550 $28.10.2106.10.21
Chief EngineerPSV – Platform Supply/Support Vessel3 monthsfrom 400 $28.10.2108.10.21
Ordinary SeamanGeneral Cargo6 months1000 $28.10.2108.10.21
Able SeamanBulk Carrier6 months1500-1700 $28.10.2110.10.21
Chief OfficerUtility Boat3 monthsfrom 190 $28.10.2111.10.21
ETOContainer4 months5700-6200 $28.10.2111.10.21
2nd EngineerContainer6 months6100-7200 $28.10.2112.10.21
Electrical EngineerBulk Carrier5 monthsfrom 5000 $28.10.2112.10.21
Chief EngineerContainer6 months8000-9100 $28.10.2113.10.21
Chief OfficerHeavy Lift Vessel4 months4500-5600 $28.10.2113.10.21
Able SeamanContainer6+/-1 monthsfrom 1356 $28.10.2114.10.21
OilerContainer6+/-1 monthsfrom 1356 $28.10.2114.10.21
ElectricianContainer6+/-1 monthsfrom 4600 $28.10.2114.10.21
Chief OfficerContainer5+/-1 monthsfrom 6000 $28.10.2114.10.21
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