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Vacancies for seafarers

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Total found 977 vacancies:
Position Fleet Vessel type Salary Joining date Vacancy
2nd OfficerMerchant fleetHeavy Lift Vessel2200 $13.11.1919.09.19
Fitter-WelderMerchant fleetBulk Carrier2300 $13.11.1919.10.19
Fitter-WelderTanker fleetOil Chemical Tanker2500 $13.11.1921.10.19
CookMerchant fleetContainer1513 $13.11.1925.10.19
ElectricianTanker fleetOil Tanker2250 $13.11.1925.10.19
Ordinary SeamanMerchant fleetBulk Carrier600 $13.11.1928.10.19
3rd EngineerMerchant fleetBulk Carrier1500 $13.11.1928.10.19
Chief OfficerMerchant fleetCement carrier6040 $13.11.1930.10.19
FitterTanker fleetCrude Oil Tanker2200 $13.11.1901.11.19
BoatswainTanker fleetOil Tanker1400 $13.11.1905.11.19
CookTanker fleetOil Product Tanker1200 $13.11.1905.11.19
CookMerchant fleetDry Cargo800 $13.11.1905.11.19
BoatswainTanker fleetOil Product Tanker1400 $13.11.1905.11.19
ETOTanker fleetCrude Oil Tanker6000 $13.11.1905.11.19
MasterTanker fleetLPG Tanker1 $13.11.1906.11.19
MasterOffshore fleetAnchor Handling Tug250-270 $13.11.1906.11.19
Chief EngineerTanker fleetCrude Oil Tanker11000 $13.11.1908.11.19
ElectricianMerchant fleetGeneral Cargo1200 $13.11.1908.11.19
Chief EngineerMerchant fleetContainer5000 $13.11.1911.11.19
MasterMerchant fleetBulk Carrier8000 $13.11.1913.11.19
MasterMerchant fleetBulk Carrier8000 $13.11.1913.11.19
MasterMerchant fleetBulk Carrier9000 $14.11.1912.09.19
MasterMerchant fleetBulk Carrier9000 $14.11.1912.09.19
2nd OfficerTanker fleetChem/Oil Tanker4500 $14.11.1912.09.19
Chief OfficerMerchant fleetBulk Carrier7000 $14.11.1912.09.19
MasterMerchant fleetBulk Carrier8800 $14.11.1922.10.19
2nd EngineerMerchant fleetBulk Carrier6500 $14.11.1922.10.19
Chief EngineerMerchant fleetBulk Carrier9100 $14.11.1924.10.19
Chief CookTanker fleetCrude Oil Tanker1500 $14.11.1929.10.19
Chief EngineerMerchant fleetBulk Carrier9100 $14.11.1931.10.19
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