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Danaos Corporation acquires 6 wide Eco-Design Container ships
Danaos Corporation has signed an agreement to purchase six container ships with a capacity of 5,466 TEU each, with upgraded loading and fuel consumption system, built at the Hanjin Subic Bay shipyard. How to get a job in a modern fleet?
Unpretentious dual fuel engine. Eco-friendly progress is real.
According to Rob Jackson, professor of Stanford University, in 2020 carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 5%.  The main “pollutants” are diesel engines and boiler plants of sea-going ships. People cannot refuse to move forward, but the opportunity to reduce the level of their influence on the environment is still there.

International Maritime Forum - nothing but the truth
News, actual vacancies and fair feedback. Nothing but the truth because it's sailors who share the information. Stories, fraud schemes, photos and contacts of scammers. Fell free to ask a question to get a reply  and help anonymously.

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Danaos Corporation acquires 6 wide Eco-Design Container ships
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A legal and safe way of crossing the border with the salary in cash.
Telemedicine for ship's crew: contact with doctor from anywhere in the world
Unpretentious dual fuel engine. Eco-friendly progress is real.
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BOSIET courses. You learn better when lightly stressed
OFFSHORE - 2020: expectations vs. reality
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Is there real life in spite of the quarantine? Check the most popular online marine courses.
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Green tariff plan for your own solar power plant to earn you money while you're at sea.
Advertising in Ukraine. Lawyer comments on what language is preferable to post information in media.
The influence of residence country on the seaman’s wage level. Benchmarking analysis from Drewry Shipping.
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Sports inside the cabin. Burning fat & building muscles: Is it real?
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