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Sports inside the cabin. Burning fat & building muscles: Is it real?

Posted date: 30.09.2019

Indeed. Do not despair if there is no gym aboard. Personal trainer Evgeniy Oleynik @strajjekson recommends a series of simple exercises to reduce fat efficiently retaining muscles, energy and joint health. 
Tabata exercise series is the very thing you need in the small cabin space. Take into the voyage a couple of dumbbells with the weight according to your training level and go ahead! The main point of the series is that you should do exercises at the quickest possible rate within 20 seconds following the technique. Then it should be followed by 10 seconds rest. 
Four minutes include eight such rounds. The training can include one or several exercises. Often Tabata consists of eight different exercises.  The beginners are recommended to start with 3-4 rounds and increase activity adding one round every week.   


SET No1 (4 rounds). 

sport, zoj, trenirovka, tabata, sportivnoe pitanie


1. Army jumping. 
 Preparatory position — feet shoulder width apart, arms are freely down. Jump out with legs spread and clap your hands over head.

sport, zoj, trenirovka, tabata, sportivnoe pitanie

2. Push-ups.
In the picture you can see 2 variants of push-ups. Mix them so that the exercise is not boring. It is important to maintain a correct posture. Breathing: inhalation – while bending elbows and approaching the floor, exhalation – while lifting the body. Otherwise, high pressure on the internal organs can be formed.

3. Stationary running 
Try to raise your knees higher, thereby increasing the intensity of your training. Use your arms bent in elbows actively imitating the efforts of classic running. 
Use weights (both for ankles and wrists).

4. Squats.
If you are in good physical condition, start training with the weights. Take dumbbells or items. Lift them above your head, starting the classic variant of squats, pull them to your chest and keep your hands in front of you while doing the “sumo” exercise - there are many variants. 
Important notes from orthopedists:
Do not bend your knees too much in the squat phase. The angle in the knee joint should not be acute.
When doing the final part of the exercise, namely when touching down, it is important to do this gently - from toe to heel.
You can download an application for individual trainings according to Tabata system on your telephone. This application provides noting the time instead of you and offers additional exercise series. 

SET No2 (4 rounds).

1. Burpee. 
Pay attention to breathing.
Front lying position on arms – then inhale, do push up while exhaling. 
Inhale when touching down and exhale when rising to feet.  
FITNESS-TEST for US militaries
In 1940 for military service men were tested by the exercise, which is called "burpee" today. They were asked to sit and jump 40 times within 60 seconds.  Those who coped with the task were recruited to serve in the army.

2. Lunges.
Let your feet be slightly wider than your shoulders, do a lunge forward.  Make sure the knee of the working leg, which you take a step with, doesn’t protrude over the foot and forms a right angle together with the hip. Maintain a straight back. The heel should be a support point for body lifting. 

3. Сrunches. 
There are many variants of crunches. Take sitting position. Hold hands in front of you (if you have weights) or on the nape. Do crunches to the knees, without lifting the lumbar spine from the floor. Tense abdominal muscles while exhaling. The back should be fixed. Use diagonal crunches for oblique muscles. Turn your body to the side slowly. Next time turn your body to the opposite side. There should be no tension in the neck as well as pulling the head forward.

4. Plank.
It is a multi-purpose exercise. It can be done on bent or straight elbows, with an outstretched arm or leg.  Also you can do a side plank. The body is stretched like a string. Back is straight. Breathing is even. 
Tabata’s advantage is in variety of exercises. Everything depends on constraints, level of training and physical capacity. Do not forget to start with light warm-up (joint gymnastics) for 2-3 minutes in the beginning of the training and to finish with 3-4 minutes stretching in the end. 
Important moments in nutrition:
  • Do not eat too much at one eating occasion; 
  • Reduce eating at least two hours before bedtime; 
  • Reduce the use of sweets and starchy food.
I also recommend 3 main SUPPLEMENTS as a source of additional feeding 
  1. creatine contributes to health of  cardiovascular and nervous systems, to texture and density of muscles, to your power. 
  2. protein  is a base of muscle bulk, bone and connective tissues, being qualitative  body construction material at the same time.
  3. omega-3  improves immune system and removes inflammation of joints and ligaments. 
And finally water with coral substance. No matter how many times you’ve heard about it.  It enriches the organism with useful minerals such as calcium and magnesium salts. It also regulates water-salt balance and normalizes the work of all organs and systems.    

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