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Ekimov Oleg Veniaminovich

Last update: 17.10.2019 16:05

Контактные данные моряка доступны только зарегистрированным компаниям.

Тел. +38 048 783-39-03, +7 (989) 259-38-77

Position applied for: Master
Date of birth:21.10.1957 (age: 62)
Country of residence:Russia
City of residence:Vladivostok
U.S. visa:No
E.U. visa:No
Ukrainian biometric
international passport:
Date available from:31.10.2019
English knowledge:Good
Minimum salary:5000 $ per month

General details:

DocumentNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
Civil passport238915Russia00.00.0000
Seaman’s passportRUS0323774RUSSIA09.02.2021
Tourist passport73 7066341Vladivostok30.12.2024


TypeNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
MasterVVO202513040HM Vladivostok08.02.2023
GO GMDSSVVO202513065Seaport Vladivostok08.02.2023
SSOABNo0290291Training center17.05.2022
ECDISAB 0892938training center09.02.2023
Radar obs.,plotting ARPAAB 0684597Training center16.02.2023
Bridge team&Resources managementBTM-301-2456Training center16.03.2023
Security-related trainingAB 0891827Maritime State University27.02.2023
Med.first&medical care250700002387Training center02.03.2023
Advanced fire-fightingAB 0889613Training center06.03.2023
Proficiency in survival craft and rescue b oat other that fast rescue boatsAB 0890188Training center05.03.2023
Basic safety trainingAB 0681184Training center22.02.2023
Ships carrying dangerous and hazardous substances in solid form in bulk and in packaged form250700001848Training center21.03.2023
Carriage of dangerous and hazardous cargoes-sec.C 49 US Code of Federal Regulations250700001851Training center21.03.2021
Vaccination of Yellow Fever56Russia02.03.2025
Drug/Alcohol test914Vladivostok26.04.2020
Panamanian endors.Master201704985PMA08.02.2023
Panamanian SSO000600870PMA17.05.2022
Panamanian GMDSS Operator General201704997PMA08.02.2023
Operational use of automatic radar plotting aidsAB 0684904Training center20.02.2023
Security Training Panamanian endorsement000603121PMA27.02.2023

Sea service:

PositionFrom / ToVessel nameVessel typeDWTMEBHPFlagShipownerCrewing
Master 11.07.2019
- 17.09.2019
BOSSDry Cargo7930Shanxi Daixatsu TJ 05T 00015 8DKM-28 2x 2500Kw5000PanamaEastern Meridian PTE LtdTrans Ocean Nakhodka
Master 31.07.2018
- 08.12.2018
Master 25.04.2015
- 22.09.2015
SHIN HANGReefer9746Pielstick6620PanamaShinhang Shipping Co.,LTD,M.IslandsDobroflot,Vladivostok,Russia
Master 15.02.2014
- 08.10.2014
SEALORDGeneral Cargo10860YANMAR4500PANAMALORD SHIPPING CO.,PanamaUniversal Crew Services

Documents and further information:

Marlins 95%-23.09.2016
Collision Avoidance -50-26.09.2016
CES 5.2 test -89%
I have been working as master on reefers since 2002 ( frozen fish,meat,chicken many many times)Also we delivered reefer pallet cargoes-fruits (many times)and vegetables from Morocco and France to St.Petersburg on reefers Kapitan Pryakha and Kapitan Kirichenko and spare part of vehicles on pallets from S.Korea to Peru and Chile on reefer Kometa under my command .Also many times provisions and spare parts on pallets from ports to different fishing grounds.I worked as master on reefers under Panamanian,Russian and Cyprus flags
with mix crew in WW (Baltica Region,S America,W Africa,Far East,Europe,SE Asia etc)
Mv Sealord is modern geared singledecker open hatch,2x20 mt ship's cranes Dwt-10860mt,3 cargo holds
ME-Yanmar,built-China 2006.Trading areas were ports of Indian and Pacific oceans Cargoes were in bulk (R.S.M.,Silico Manganese,Bentonite,mill scale etc) and general (cement in bags,
steel pipes of different weights and sizes and TEU containers on tops of hatch covers).This vessel is the same as BC handysize.We delivered on mv Orange Wind sawlogs into holds and
on deck.,steel plates and steel scrap.She proceeded on scrap too.Last ship was MPV BOSS.
We delivered from port to port sawlogs,veneers,TEU and FEU.She has 2 ship's cranes per 40 mt each.