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Poliakov Eduard Sergeevich

Last update: 16.09.2019 09:52

Контактные данные моряка доступны только зарегистрированным компаниям.

Тел. +38 048 783-39-03, +7 (989) 259-38-77

Position applied for: Motorman 1st class
Additional position applied for: Wiper
Date of birth:24.02.1998 (age: 21)
Residence permit in: Ukraine
Country of residence:Ukraine
City of residence:Mariupol
U.S. visa:Yes. Expiration date 24.04.2028
E.U. visa:No
Ukrainian biometric
international passport:
Date available from:17.09.2019
English knowledge:Good
Minimum salary:1000 $ per month

General details:

DocumentNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
Civil passportBT092723Mariupol00.00.0000
Seaman’s passportAB595140Mariupol15.02.2022
Tourist passport9040Mariupol20.04.2022


TypeNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats9040Mariupol20.04.2022
Safety familiarization, basic training and instruction for all seafarers11324Mariupol20.04.2022
Certificate of proficiency second class motorman01154/2017/06Mariupol00.00.0000
Certificate of competency Third-class engineer00131/2019/06Mariupol00.00.0000
Designated security duties of shipboard personnel8717Mariupol00.00.0000
Advanced fire fighting4239/17031933Mariupol22.03.2024
Training of officers and ratings responsible for cargo handling on ships carrying dangerous and haza2057/18041943Mariupol00.00.0000
Madical first aid on board ship3384/18031938Mariupol17.03.2024
Security - related training and instruction for all seafarers4042/18031946Mariupol00.00.0000
High voltage safety and operational procedures015/19Mariupol20.05.2024
Bacis training for oil and chemical tanker cargo operations677/18041949Mariupol18.04.2024

Sea service:

PositionFrom / ToVessel nameVessel typeDWTMEBHPFlagShipownerCrewing
Engine Cadet 14.05.2018
- 29.11.2018
Zim Sao PaoloContainer50818ICE49680MaltaDanaos Shipping CompanyDanaos Shipping Company
Engine Cadet 28.07.2017
- 04.02.2018
Hyundai HihgwayContainer24757ICE27118PanamaDanaos Shipping CompanyDanaos Shipping Company