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Matushevskyi Roman

Last update: 18.10.2019 03:24

Контактные данные моряка доступны только зарегистрированным компаниям.

Тел. +38 048 783-39-03, +7 (989) 259-38-77

Position applied for: Ordinary Seaman
Additional position applied for: Deck Cadet
Date of birth:08.10.1987 (age: 32)
Residence permit in: Ukraine
Country of residence:Ukraine
City of residence:Odessa
U.S. visa:No
E.U. visa:No
Ukrainian biometric
international passport:
Date available from:18.10.2019
English knowledge:Good
Minimum salary:1000 $ per month

General details:

DocumentNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
Civil passportKM822648Ukraine00.00.0000
Seaman’s passportAB633076Ukraine18.09.2023
Tourist passportFJ717640Ukraine27.10.2027


TypeNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
Certificate of Proficiency (Second class seaman)01197/2018/01Izmail, Ukraine00.00.0000
Basic safety training and instruction09107Odesa, Ukraine22.06.2023
Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boat06194Odesa, Ukraine19.07.2023
Security awareness training for all seafarers18438Odesa, Ukraine16.11.2023
Training in carrying of dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoes5778Odesa, Ukraine14.11.2023
Advanced training in fire fighting17256Odesa, Ukraine30.11.2023
Basic training for oil and chemical tanker cargo operation01333Odesa, Ukraine29.11.2023
Basic training for liquefied gas tanker cargo operation01252Odesa, Ukraine30.11.2023
Security training for seafarers with designated security duties21115Odesa, Ukraine10.01.2024
Training for personnel serving on passenger ships03176Odesa, Ukraine10.01.2024
Vessel food sanitation system11503/19/2Odesa, Ukraine15.04.2024
Certificate of Proficiency on basic training for cargo operations on tankers04166/2019/08Odesa, Ukraine10.09.2024

Sea service:

PositionFrom / ToVessel nameVessel typeDWTMEBHPFlagShipownerCrewing
Ordinary Seaman 15.05.2019
- 11.08.2019
MBC RoseBulk Carrier13050Yanmar 8N330-EN3310 kWtPanamaMediterranean Bulk Holding LTDMA "LAIS"
Ordinary Seaman 12.01.2019
- 28.02.2019
GNV AtlasPassenger / Ro-Ro Vessel33336Sulzer19600ItalianMSCMSC
Ordinary Seaman 05.07.2018
- 05.09.2018
DelfinMulti-Purpose VesselDalDieselUkraineUDPUDP

Documents and further information:

Now I am a student of the fourth year of study of Danube Institute of National University "ODESSA MARITIME ACADEMY;. I am a navigator.
I have experience on the bulk carrier m/v "MBC Rose", ro-ro pax m/v; GNV Atlas; (MSC) and multipurpose m/v ;Delfin; (UDP). My position was OS. The navigation areas where Indian Ocean - on the m/v; MBC Rose;; Mediterranean sea - on the m/v ;GNV Atlas"; Danube river and Black sea - on the m/v ; Delfin;.
During the stay on boards of m/v; MBC Rose;GNV Atlas;, "Delfin; I kept a watch under the supervision of watch officer.