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Tsokalov Stepan Vasylovich

Last update: 15.10.2019 13:13

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Тел. +38 048 783-39-03, +7 (989) 259-38-77

Position applied for: ETO
Additional position applied for: Electrician
Date of birth:26.12.1989 (age: 29)
Residence permit in: Ukraine
Country of residence:Ukraine
City of residence:Odessa
U.S. visa:No
E.U. visa:No
Ukrainian biometric
international passport:
Date available from:20.10.2019
English knowledge:Good
Minimum salary:1400 $ per month

General details:

DocumentNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
Civil passportKM 366992Odessa06.01.2100
Seaman’s passportAB 609794Odessa30.10.2022
Tourist passportFM 379912Odessa22.04.2028


TypeNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
Certificate of competency: Electrician04254/2017/24Port Odessa10.04.2029
Medical First Aid7475OMTC26.11.2020
Proficiency in Survival Craft13732OMTC22.10.2020
Basic Safety Training18245OMTC22.10.2020
Advanced Fire Fighting11557OMTC20.11.2020
High voltage equipment0040/2019OMTC15.02.2024
Training for seafarers with designated security duties IMO MODEL COURSE 3.2626905OMTC26.11.2020
Security awareness training for all seafarers IMO MODEL COURSE 3.2703820OMTC27.04.2022
Yellow fever vaccinationOkOk06.11.2029
Medical fitness certificateOkOk06.11.2020
Drug and Alcohol TestOkOk06.11.2020

Sea service:

PositionFrom / ToVessel nameVessel typeDWTMEBHPFlagShipownerCrewing
Electrician 05.10.2019
- 05.02.2020
M/V MilaDry Cargo4500Skoda1400TanzaniaArgo shippingArgo
Electrician 18.04.2019
- 10.10.2019
M/V DaisyGeneral Cargo3500SKL1200UkraineArgo ShippingArgo
Electrician 27.02.2019
- 29.03.2019
M/V SelamGeneral Cargo8000Pielstick3846MaltaEurasia United ShippingEurasia United Shipping

Documents and further information:

Licensed electrician with 10+ years of experience. Crane, reefer experience. Identify and repair faults on electrical systems. Schedule and perfom routine checks and maintenance of electrical system components. Manage installation and replacement of starter motors, alternators, and generators. Ensure compliance with all applicable safety and quality standards. Use circuit diagrams and manufacturers manuals to assure proper repairs. Prevent potential damage or malfunction through regular inspection and preventative measures. Supervise staff in installation, repairs, and cleanup. Train staff on applicable health, safety, and quality procedures. Test repairs and ensure top quality. Order replacement components. Communicate with customers and management to explane the nature of repairs and discuss possible options. Routinely worked overtime, weekends, and holidays to ensure complete customer satisfaction. ///Linkedin: Facebook:
Trading area: Mediterranean sea, Adriatic sea, Aegean sea, Marmara sea, Black sea. Korinf drill. Port of call: Italy Reggio Calabria. Albania Durres. Greece Itea, Thessaloniki. Turkey Toros, Marmara.