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The influence of residence country on the seaman’s wage level. Benchmarking analysis from Drewry Shipping.
The independent maritime consulting centre Drewry Shipping determined a standard wage rate for each country that traditionally "supplies" the world’s merchant fleet market with the largest number of seamen
Looking through the information on the Web you can often come across the opinion that working on a yacht is a kind of “jail on water”. While other people say on the contrary that this is a great opportunity to earn money traveling around the world. So where is the truth?


  • Report on posting statistics: amount of showings, clicks on banner
  • Opportunity to limit the amount of banner showings to one visitor 
  • Region selection. Geographical targeting option 

Scheme of banners location

Prices for banners:
Banner Price per month for 25% showings Price per month for 50% showings (discount 15%) Price per month for 100% showings (discount 30%)
R1 (382х119 pxl) 100 USD 85 USD 70 USD
R2 (186x194 pxl) 70 USD 60 USD 50 USD
R3 (186x90 pxl) 60 USD 50 USD 42 USD
R4 (186x298 pxl) 85 USD 75 USD 60 USD
R5 (186x90 pxl) 45 USD 38 USD 32 USD
R6 (186x90 pxl) 40 USD 34 USD 28 USD
R7, R8 (186x90 pxl) 38 USD 32 USD 27 USD
R9, R10 (186x90 pxl) 35 USD 30 USD 25 USD
R11, R12 (186x90 pxl) 33 USD 28 USD 23 USD
R13  (380x109 pxl) 60 USD 50 USD 42 USD
R14  (380x109 pxl) 55 USD 47 USD 39 USD
С1, С2 (380x109 pxl) 28 USD 24 USD 20 USD
L1 (186x450 pxl) 11 USD 10 USD 8 USD
Forecast of showings per month: 350 000 
Minimum order: 2 months
The prices are indicated for static banner. 
Animated banner + 100% of the stated cost.
Banners with the geographical targeting + 100% of the stated cost.
Requirements to banners:
Acceptable formats: Jpg,  Jpeg, Png.
Size: до 70 Kb.
Our designers will be glad to help you to develop any type of banner if necessary. 


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