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Unpretentious dual fuel engine. Eco-friendly progress is real.
According to Rob Jackson, professor of Stanford University, in 2020 carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 5%.  The main “pollutants” are diesel engines and boiler plants of sea-going ships. People cannot refuse to move forward, but the opportunity to reduce the level of their influence on the environment is still there.
Information, manning and employing of seafarers - all now is available for crewing companies in one service
A new web application for crewing companies! The developers offer a service that allows to manage and control ships crews, make schedules, plan the depature and loading as well as to have access to all key data and reports both on board and on shore.  

E-mailing to seafarers

  • Notify, invite, inform, find seafarers
  • City, position and experience filters provide the best results
  • Correct e-mail subject brings the half-success. We know what attracts seafarers the most
E-mailing will be effective in case: 


E-mail addresses quantity less 10 000 addresses more 10 000 addresses
for Ukraine fixed price - 1000 UAH 0,1 UAH / 1 addresse
for Russian Federation fixed price - 3000 RUB 0,3 RUB / 1 addresse 
for other countries fixed price - 50 USD 0,005 USD / 1 addresse
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