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Crewing Guide

Ukraine seafarers' employment journal
Everything related to seafarers

Crewing Guide №38 May 2019

Edition No 38 for May 2019 



Articles of the edition:


  • Influence of residence country on seafarer's wage level. Comparative analysis from Drewry Shipping;



  • How not to be captive of swindlers while searching for a job;  


  • Avoiding conflicts aboard. Psychologist's advices; 


  • Outstanding issues of alimony recovery from seafarers; 


You can also read as follows: 
  • 372 crewing companies of Ukraine; 
  • 13 medical institutions where you can have medical screening. In Odessa, Izmail, Mariupol, Kherson, Kyiv;
  • 11 naval training and simulation centres. In Odessa, Kherson, Mariupol;
  • 2 language centres; 
  • 4 banks with financial programmes for seafarers;
  • 4 maritime lawyers who can help in resolving outstanding issues; 
as well as work clothes, visas, airline tickets and other services for seafarers. 
Ask in newspaper stalls and bookshops of the following cities:
  • Odessa - "Gorpressa" stalls, maritime library in 42 Kanatnaya Str., at "Knizhka" book market
  • Belgorod-Dnestrovsky - newspaper stalls near the central market  
  • Kherson - "Soyuzdruk" newspaper chain, pedestrian underpass at the stop of "Svobody Square"
  • Mariupol - "Natali" outlet chain (stores + stalls), "Priozovsky Worker" stalls, stationary shop in 15 Chernomorskaya Str., near Azov Maritime Institute of Naional University Odessa Maritime Academy.


Seafarers' handbook "Crewing Guide" is issued twice a year - in May and November. Its objective is to tell about everything that is connected with the seafarer's profession: terms of cooperation with crewing companies, naval training and language centres as well as about medical services, communication services abroad, bank services for seafarers, etc.     
The handbook is distributed in port and some other cities of Ukraine: in Kyiv, Mariupol, Nikolaev, Kherson, Odessa, Izmail, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky.
Places of FREE distribution: naval stimulation centres, port master's office, maritime universities, language training centres, medical institutions.
Points of sale: book stores, newspaper stalls.
If you cannot find "Crewing Guide" handbook in a bookshop, please contact us and tell us the name and address of the shop. We will try that the handbook will appear there as soon as possible!
More detailed information on the places of handbook's distribution in each of the abovesaid cities as well as on advertising and handbook's purchase can be received from the editors office on the following telephone numbers:      
+38 (048) 783-39-03
+38 (094) 712-00-52
+7 (989) 259-38-77

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