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Looking through the information on the Web you can often come across the opinion that working on a yacht is a kind of “jail on water”. While other people say on the contrary that this is a great opportunity to earn money traveling around the world. So where is the truth?
The influence of residence country on the seaman’s wage level. Benchmarking analysis from Drewry Shipping.
The independent maritime consulting centre Drewry Shipping determined a standard wage rate for each country that traditionally "supplies" the world’s merchant fleet market with the largest number of seamen

Filling in and updating CV service 

We understand that you are busy and filling in of such amount of information will take too much time.
So we want to take care of you and fill in or update your CV.
Filling in CV service costs 25 USD.
Updating CV service costs 13 USD.
With just several clicks you'll get the required CV filled in / updated by our professionals properly. 
You will receive a completed CV within 24 hours after contacting our expert. 
1. First you should send an application form for CV filling in and attach your CV and photo.
2. Shortly after our expert will contact you by e-mail or skype to confirm the details.
3. After that you should pay for the service in any suitable way.
4. That's it! Within next 24 hours a completed CV could be found in the section "CVs" on
A CV is your visiting card
Every field of your CV will be filled in attentively and in details. Your working experience will be presented entirely. You will be considered as reliable and motivated candidate.  
Time saving
You can use the service in 2 clicks. You will receive a completed CV on within 24 hours after contacting our expert.
Expert support
Opportunity to ask the expert all related questions.
Filled in by the experts, presents you as professional.
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