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Unpretentious dual fuel engine. Eco-friendly progress is real.
According to Rob Jackson, professor of Stanford University, in 2020 carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 5%.  The main “pollutants” are diesel engines and boiler plants of sea-going ships. People cannot refuse to move forward, but the opportunity to reduce the level of their influence on the environment is still there.
Danaos Corporation acquires 6 wide Eco-Design Container ships
Danaos Corporation has signed an agreement to purchase six container ships with a capacity of 5,466 TEU each, with upgraded loading and fuel consumption system, built at the Hanjin Subic Bay shipyard. How to get a job in a modern fleet?

International Maritime Forum - nothing but the truth
News, actual vacancies and fair feedback. Nothing but the truth because it's sailors who share the information. Stories, fraud schemes, photos and contacts of scammers. Fell free to ask a question to get a reply  and help anonymously.

Privacy Policy 

As amended on 21.06.2018
About the website (hereafter referred to as the Website) is a platform for search of job at sea where seafarers (hereafter referred to as the Seafarers) post their CVs, apply for vacancies.  Crewing companies and other employers (hereafter referred to as the Employers) post vacancies, find suitable candidates. The Website also contains information accompanying work at sea: list of crewing companies, naval training and stimulation centres, maritime literature, opportunity to consult with lawyers, professional articles.  
Using you trust us your personal information. We make every effort to provide its safety and at the same time we give you an opportunity to control your data. 
Please pay close attention to our Privacy Policy in order to know which information we collect and for what purpose we use it and how you can change and delete it. 
If you have any questions with regard to the Privacy Policy of, please contact us.
Which information do we collect?
1. Your personal information which you have consciously agreed to disclose us having become a registered user of our Website and filled in the CV fields or sent a prepared CV to E-mails of Ukrcrewing. You determine the volume of the disclosed personal information at your own discretion. 
2. Technical information which is automatically collected by programme software of the Website during its visit. 
Technical information. During your visit of the Website its administration can automatically see information from standard server logs. This information includes your computer IP-address (or proxy server if it is used for access to the Internet), name of Internet provider, domain name, browser and operation system type, information on the website from which you have linked to the Website, pages of the Website which you visit, date and time of these visits, files which you load. We analyse this information in impersonal form for website traffic and use it to design offers for its improvement and development.  The connection with your IP-address and your personal information is never disclosed to the third parties except as required by law.
Technical information on the Website traffic (impersonal) is also collected by the statistics counters installed on the website.
Who has access to your personal information?
Your personal information except for contact details (residence address, telephone numbers, E-mail, Skype, links to your accounts on social networking sites) is posted on the Website in the section of CV and provided to any website visitor.  
Contact details are provided solely to the Employers registered and logged in on the Website. The Website administration checks the availability of Employers’ certificates trying its best to reduce the likelihood of posting of     unfair Employers on the Website. However the Website administration is not liable for the purposes for which Seafarers’ personal information will be used. 
The Employers can also receive access to seafarers’ personal information by newsletters which are sent from the Website daily.  
Access to Seafarers’ contract details is NOT granted to the companies working in other area even through this area is connected with work at sea. 
Personal information of the seafarers whose CVs are posted in TOP is available in full including contact details. It is available to any visitor of the Website.  
Seafarers’ personal information can be used for sending notifications of new vacancies as well as notifications of new website functions, invitations to special events (interviews with representatives of foreign companies, seminars for seafarers, maritime exhibitions, forums, etc.), informing of useful services (goods) connected with work at sea.   
Registering and filling in a CV on Ukrcrewing you make your personal data public and generally available. Please do not post confidential information.
Your rights to personal information posted on Ukrcrewing:
You can change your login name and password at your discretion at any time.
You can edit and delete any personal information at your discretion at any time.
You can temporarily suspend publication of your CV on the Website sending to the Website administrators a letter to
You can irrevocably delete your CV from the Website sending to the Website administrators a letter to
You can opt out the Website newsletters following the corresponding link at the bottom of the letter at your discretion at any time.
How do we store and transfer your information: 
We store your information in encrypted form.
We also use cookie to store information that allows identifying a registered user to grant access to some services and edit user’s personal information, save user’s  settings. 
The data are transmitted between users and the website through the encryption channel protected with security certificate.
We do not disclose information to the third parties except as required by law.