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Vilchinskiy Vitalii

Last update: 19.10.2019 23:17

Контактные данные моряка доступны только зарегистрированным компаниям.

Тел. +38 048 783-39-03, +7 (989) 259-38-77

Position applied for: Wiper
Additional position applied for: Motorman-Fitter
Date of birth:09.07.1994 (age: 25)
Residence permit in: Ukraine
Country of residence:Ukraine
City of residence:Kherson
U.S. visa:No
E.U. visa:No
Ukrainian biometric
international passport:
Date available from:20.10.2019
English knowledge:Good
Minimum salary:800 $ per month

General details:

DocumentNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
Civil passportEP 399931Kherson/Ukraine00.00.0000
Seaman’s passportAB 617365Kherson/Ukraine17.11.2019
Tourist passportFF 394532Kherson/Ukraine20.12.2026


TypeNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
Basic safety training 24740Kherson/Ukraine10.11.2022
Advanced fire fighting 14651 10.11.2017 10.11.2022 Kherson/Ukraine14651Kherson/Ukraine10.11.2022
Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats17761Kherson/Ukraine10.11.2022
Basic Training for oil&chemical tanker cargo operations14Kherson/Ukraine09.02.2023
Basic training for liquefied gas tanker cargo operations1525Kherson/Ukraine09.02.2023
Security 6/119197Kherson/Ukraine10.11.2022
Security 6/211191Kherson/Ukraine10.11.2022
Medical Fitness certificate 035505 17.05.2019 17.05.2020 Kherson/Ukraine035505Kherson/Ukraine17.05.2020

Sea service:

PositionFrom / ToVessel nameVessel typeDWTMEBHPFlagShipownerCrewing
Motorman-Oiler 22.05.2019
- 22.07.2019
Tyumen 1Dry Cargo5223DizelG-70 2*85kwtPanamaTanner Over Seas Corporation
Engine Cadet 12.12.2017
- 12.02.2018
Seabreeze 1Dry Cargo4992DizelG-70 2*83kwtTanzaniaSaluta Shipping
Motorman-Oiler 01.06.2016
- 11.12.2017
OBO (Oil/Bulk/Ore Carrier)5223DizelG-70 2*85kwtShipbuilding yard
Motorman 2nd class 01.10.2014
- 01.06.2016
Dry Cargo3500DizelG-70 2*83kwtUkraineShipbuilding yard

Documents and further information:

My name is Vitalii Vilchinskiy .
I am 25.I am a motorman. I live in Nikolaev. I work at shipbuilding yard.
I am looking for a position of a motorman or 3-d (third ) engineer.
I have a higher education ( Bachelor and Master degree).
I have done 2 contracts .
I work at the shipbuilding yard for
5 year and have a good experience in repairing of dry cargo, bulkers and oil tankers ship.
I am a hard working, disciplined and non-conflict person.