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Gleb *****

Gleb *****

Last update: 14.08.2019 09:13
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Position applied for: Ordinary Seaman
Additional position applied for: 3rd Officer
Date of birth:***** (age: 26)
Residence permit in: Ukraine
Country of residence:Ukraine
City of residence:Mariupol
Permanent address:*****
Contact Tel. No:*****
U.S. visa:Yes. Expiration date 09.08.2027
E.U. visa:Yes. Expiration date 22.07.2027
Ukrainian biometric
international passport:
Date available from:16.08.2019
English knowledge:Good
Minimum salary:1200 $ per month

General details:

DocumentNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
Civil passport*****Mariupol00.00.0000
Seaman’s passport*****Mariupol06.12.2023
Tourist passport*****143522.07.2027


TypeNumberPlace of issueDate of expiry
Designated Security Duties Of Shipboard Personnel*****MKC21.10.2019
Proficiency In Survival Craft And Rescue Boats(Other Then Fast Rescue Boats)*****AMI TCS26.04.2023
Safety Familiarization, Basic Training And Instruction For All Seafarers*****AMI TCS24.04.2023
Second Class Seaman*****Mariupol Port00.00.0000
Security-Related Training And Instruction For All Seafarers*****MKC00.00.0000
Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting & Use Of Arpa (Operational Level)*****AMI TCS07.05.2023
Medical First Aid On Board Ship*****AMI TCS02.05.2023
Advanced Fire Fighting*****AMI TCS02.04.2023
Bridge Team & Resource Management*****MKC00.00.0000
The Operational Use Of Electronic Chart Display And Information Systems (ECDIS)*****MKC00.00.0000
Certificate Of Competency Of Radio Operator GMDSS general Operator*****Port of Mariupol00.00.0000
Endorsement GMDSS general operator*****Port of Mariupol08.05.2023
Certificate of Competency Navigator*****Port of Mariupol00.00.0000
Endorsement Officer in charge of navigation watch on ships of 500 gross tonnage and more*****Port of Mariupol18.06.2023

Sea service:

PositionFrom / ToVessel nameVessel typeDWTMEBHPFlagShipownerCrewing
Ordinary Seaman 30.08.2018
- 20.03.2019
*****Bulk Carrier35916MAN-B&W7860Panama**********
Ordinary Seaman 17.08.2017
- 06.04.2018
*****Bulk Carrier35916MAN-B&W7860Panama**********
Ordinary Seaman 20.02.2017
- 29.04.2017
*****Anchor Handling Tug1200Wartsila3840x2Italy**********
Ordinary Seaman 21.12.2016
- 20.02.2017
*****Anchor Handling Tug Supply2000Wartsila3680x2 3270x2Italy**********
Deck Cadet 18.10.2016
- 05.12.2016
*****Anchor Handling Tug1280Wartsila4000x2Italy**********
Deck Cadet 27.04.2016
- 21.07.2016
*****Anchor Handling Tug1280Wartsila4000x2Italy**********
Mess Boy 20.01.2015
- 21.07.2015
*****Bulk Carrier38858MAN-B&W5891Panama**********

Documents and further information: